Delivering Procurement Efficiencies for a Leading Power Tool Company

May 15, 2023 12:44 PM By Cullen

Trustbridge Procurement Case Study


This case study highlights how a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools partnered with our team to optimize their procurement processes and enhance part manufacturing capabilities. By leveraging our expertise and access to advanced technologies, the company achieved significant improvements in cost efficiency, time-to-market, and overall supply chain management.



An industrial products company renowned for their high-quality industrial power tools faced challenges in sourcing and manufacturing components efficiently. In order to streamline their procurement operations and expedite part manufacturing, the company sought assistance regarding on-demand manufacturing solutions.


Client Profile:

A manufacturing company established in the 1960s specializes in the production of industrial power tools. However, they faced several challenges within their procurement and manufacturing processes. Procurement inefficiencies and extended lead times hindered their ability to source components effectively, while limited manufacturing capabilities restricted their ability to produce complex parts. In order to overcome these obstacles and enhance their operations, the company sought specific expertise in procurement of digital manufacturing services and custom parts.


Client Objectives:

The client aimed to address the following challenges through collaboration with our team:

a) Reduce procurement costs and lead times

b) Enhance part manufacturing capabilities

c) Improve overall supply chain management

d) Maintain stringent quality standards


Trustbridge Solutions:

4.1 Digital Procurement:

To optimize the procurement processes, our team implemented their digital procurement solution. This platform offered the company access to a vast network of pre-vetted and qualified suppliers capable of meeting their specific requirements. By utilizing advanced algorithms, our team ensured that the right suppliers were matched with their needs, enabling cost-effective procurement and reducing lead times.


4.2 On-Demand Manufacturing:

Our on-demand manufacturing services played a vital role in expanding the manufacturing capabilities. Leveraging 3D printing, CNC machining, and other additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies, our team provided them with a comprehensive range of manufacturing options. This allowed them to produce complex parts with reduced time and costs, while maintaining high-quality standards.


4.3 Quality Control:

To ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality parts, our team implemented stringent quality control measures. Our experienced team thoroughly evaluated suppliers' capabilities, certifications, and track records to guarantee adherence to client’s quality standards.


Results and Benefits:

Through collaboration with our company, client achieved several significant benefits:

a) Cost Reduction: By leveraging our digital procurement platform, we help reduce procurement costs by 15% through competitive bidding and optimized supplier selection.

b) Time-to-Market: The adoption of on-demand manufacturing technologies enabled client to reduce lead times by up to 40%, resulting in faster product launches and improved customer satisfaction.

c) Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities: our extensive range of manufacturing technologies enabled our partner to produce complex parts that were previously difficult or expensive to manufacture. This enhanced their product offerings and improved their competitive edge.

d) Streamlined Supply Chain: Client benefited from improved supply chain management, with centralized procurement and a simplified supplier management process.



By partnering with our company, we successfully helped our partner and addressed their procurement and part manufacturing challenges, resulting in significant improvements in cost efficiency, time-to-market, and supply chain management